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Anastrozol (SOLD OUT)

Anastrozol (SOLD OUT)

Anastrozol by Sterling Knight

Effective substance: Anastrozole (arimidex)
Content: 1mg/tab
Blister: 60 tablets
Form: oral tablets

About Anastrozol

For a steroid user, the effects of Anastrozol is appreciated in its ability to fight against estrogenic side effects. Alot AAS can promote estrogenic side effects because of the testosterone hormone’s interaction with the aromatase enzyme. The estrogen levels rise which can lead to gynecomastia and water retention. Not all steroids can lead to estrogenic related effects. Following do promote estrogenic activity:

  • methandinenone
  • all forms of Nandrolone
  • all forms of Boldenone
  • all forms of testosterone.

By including Arimidex in an AAS cycle that has aromatizing steroids, the bodybuilder can protect against gynecomastia and water retention. Anastrozole is the most effective anti-estrogen. N0lvadex can also be useful (should be the first choice, since Nanastrozol has the ability to negatively affect cholesterol).


Manufacturer: Sterling Knight

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