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Clomiphene tablets

Clomiphene tablets

Clomiphedne tablets by Genesis

  • Effective substance: clomiphene citrate,
  • Content: 50mg/tab
  • Box with: 50tabs
  • Known as: Clomid, Serophene


Short characteristic:

Clomiphene citrate is categorised as a selective estrogen receptor modulator, with both agonist and opponent properties. It has the chemical name 2-[4-(2-chloro1,2-diphenylvinyl)phenoxy]triethylamine dihydrogen citrate. In men, clomiphene citrate plays as a sectional antiestrogen as well, and can be used to counter some of the side effects of aromatizable steroid consumption including gynecomastia and raised water retention. As an anti-estrogenic drug, clomiphene citrate could also turn on a gradient of follicle stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone points, which can raise testosterone production. This effect is particularly profitabl at the decision of a steroid cycle, when endogenous testosterone points are depressed. Here, clomiphene citrate represents most frequently used in combo with HCG and tamoxifen, in an cause to regenerate endogenous testo,sterone output more quickly. If testosterone points are not returned to normal in a low-set time period, a important decrease in size and strength might come in to being.This is due to the truth that without testosterone (or a different anabolic/androgenic steroids) to bring out an continuing anabolic content, the catabolic hormone cortisol converts the predominant strength affecting muscle protein synthesis. Frequently adverted to as the post-steroid crash, when not redressed this situation of instability in the endocrine system could rapidly cut down muscle mass levels, decreasing the long-term come back on anabolic/androgenic steroid therapy.

Manufacturer: Genesis, Singapore

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